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Company Profile


SEONGJIN CO., LTD. developed a creative idea of a fundamental structural problem that must be blocked by debris such as hair that is a defect in the drain valves of the sink and bathtub.
We are the only company in the world to develop and produce an unobstructed wash basin and bathtub drain valves.

The current use of the basin drain valve in the world is simple and easy to use, and we have used it for over 100 years.
But it's inherently blocked structure, so far all users have used it at the expense of clogged wash basin.
So, we needed a lot of tools and a lot of powerful washing cleaning agent to get through the blocked wash basin.
To solve this, a variety of markets have been created.
However, all products were temporary solutions and could not solve the fundamental problems.

But our products have completely solved the blockage in the wash basin & bathtub.
There is also no need to purchase unnecessary cleaning tools and chemical cleaners.
We aims to be green and think of you.